Easy YouTube Video Converter


YouTube is one of the most popular websites worldwide. We spend countless hours there day in and day out. But do you still believe that an internet connection is a necessity for YouTube? Well, that’s not true anymore. see here, all it takes is a little effort to download Softorino from softzone.es and there you are! Offline YouTube viewing will never be as easier than this.
Though the internet provides a sea of options for such facility either for Mac/PC, but very soon they will turn out as sluggish or sleazy which makes us apprehensive about the safety of our computer. So, in the end, it is all work but no gain, like searching in the darkness!

All these issues make us think if there are any downloading websites available which are trustworthy, fast and easy? As told in the beginning, thanks to Softorino team who has developed a new app called YouTube Converter. Downloading videos from YouTube is as easy as eating cake. Let’s follow these three simple steps and learn the joyful way of downloading and saving the videos:

· First of all, Softorino Video Converter is legit software, reviewed by MacWorld. It can be downloaded from Softorino website. It’s a delight to know that this app is completely free to use for the first 14 days.
· The next step is easy to interpret. Just plug in the iPhone device to the computer using a USB cable.
· Now, we have reached the end of the process. Go to YouTube website and copy the link of your desired video or episodes or just anything you like or wish. Now go to YouTube Converter website and paste it. That’s it. You are aboard!

Well, this is just 95% of the total work done. YouTube Converter lets you choose the preferred quality rate, (it can be either 4K or even 60fps video for that matter) before hitting ‘Download YouTube video to iPhone’ button. The steps mentioned above are an unquestionable way of converting any YouTube videos to PC or Mac. But the same instructions are also applicable to convert YouTube to mp4 for iPhone or PC. Follow them simply. Some of the ‘extraordinary’ things of this app are:

· iTunes sync is not a necessity anymore.
· The app can download YouTube videos to other apps with the installation of additional players.
· Audio extraction from YouTube videos will be saved in iPhone’s Music app
· Videos from YouTube can be saved across all platforms like iPhone, Mac, PC, iPod touch, etc.
· Selected videos can also be saved in desired quality rate, (even HD quality) through settings.
· Though in the video tutorial, an iPod is featured, but it is same for iPhone. It also works amazingly in the same way with iPhone 7 and iOS 10 phone devices.
· Recently, Softorino YouTube Converter has been updated and boasts of a new feature – subtitles support.
· YouTube Converter app is the most hassle-free way to download YouTube videos to iPhone for anyone who spends a lot of their life on YouTube.